Open Drift

Packwood, WA

August 4th and 5th 2012 

Join us in beautiful Packwood Washington for two days of drifting and good times. 

While it is a bit of a drive you won't want to miss this special event. The Packwood site is a huge paved lot that will enable us to design some special courses to provide tons of run time and lots of fun.

Plan on camping or staying overnight in Packwood Friday and Saturday night to have maximum fun at this two day event. Single day and two day options are available.

For the best resource on local lodging and food options see the Destination Packwood website.

Event Quick Info
Event Date: Saturday August 4th and Sunday August 5th 2012
Location: Hampton Mills in Packwood, WA
Event Chair: Russell O'Connell
Contact: Email NWRSCCADrift(at)gmail.com for questions not answered in this event listing.

  • 100% Online Pre-Registration and payment is required.
  • NO on site registration available.
  • Cards and Checks are accepted by the webform.
  • Registration closes at Midnight on Thursday 08/02/2012
Registration Link: MotorsportReg for Drivers
Entrant List: Driver Entry List

Spectator Info

Media Info

Venue Tips

Tech Note: Due to noise concerns to keep the neighbors happy all must have a muffler to pass tech. No obnoxiously loud cars as it will endanger our ability to continue to use this site.

SCCA Full Annual Member:
One Day (Saturday OR Sunday)
  • Open Drift- $65
Two Day (Saturday AND Sunday)
  • Open Drift- $85
SCCA Non members must add the $15 Weekend member option to the prices above.
  • 9:00AM - Tech and Registration
  • 9:40AM - Drivers Meeting
  • 10:00AM - Drifting Starts
  • 5:00PM - Saturday Drifting Ends
  • 4:00PM - 4:30PM - Sunday Teardown / Cleanup (Sunday)
Money Saving Tips!


An event has to have rules right? 

Well, here they are:
Prior to registering and attending be sure to read all of the rules so you know what is expected of you and how the event will be run. Regardless of whether you read them they will be enforced so it is best to educate your self to avoid any situation that could potentially end your day early or worse cause us to lose the ability to have future events.

Packwood Tips and Recommendations:

For the best resource on local lodging and food options see the Destination Packwood website. http://www.destinationpackwood.com/

We recommend staying Friday and Saturday night if you are doing both days.

Free on site camping is available Friday and Saturday nights (behave yourselves).
There are hotels and campgrounds just down the road if you don't fancy roughing it. The site is in town with a grocery store, gas station, and restaurants and bars close at hand.

There are no convenient tire changing options (the closest reliable shop is 30 minutes away) so bring all the mounted tires you need.

Be a good representative for the motorsports community. DO NOT SPEED or do anything stupid in town. It's a tiny town, it will get reported, and you will ruin Packwood for everyone else!! (Tons of autosports clubs use Packwood, they will kill you if you lose this spot for everyone). All area law enforcement love to write speeding and fix-it tickets so stay low profile.

Watch for Moose. They are everywhere and commonly cross the roads all throughout the area. Another good reason not to speed.

Mobile Coverage - Verizon, Sprint, Virgin, US Cellular have the best voice coverage. GSM carriers like ATT and T-Mobile have spotty voice and limited or no data coverage. Sprint has the best data coverage with others carriers bumped down to slow speeds, spotty reception, or no data at all.

Getting There

There are multiple routes to choose from. The best list of routes can be found on the WWSCC site.

The SCCA insurance rules require everyone who enters the site to sign a waiver. Everyone is legally considered a 'participant' in the event. If you want to come watch there is no charge but you must sign the waiver. Non driving participants may watch from the grandstands but may not enter the grid, course, or other areas consider 'hot' at any time unless they are working in an assigned work position. Anyone behaving in an unsafe manner will be directed to leave the premises immediately. The grid and course areas are OFF LIMITS to children and pets during competition. All pets MUST be leashed or otherwise restrained. No drugs or alcohol. Respect the site by throwing away your trash and behaving in a manner that best reflects the drift community.

- ALL MINORS (under 18 years old) must have a minor waiver filled out with a parental signature or they cannot be allowed in the site. Parents must be present on site to sign a minor in UNLESS a notorized minor is filled out ahead of them and brougt with the minor.

To get detailed information on the insurance waivers and to print out the minor waiver form, click here.

Anyone who wants to photograph or video tape the event and have access to the course must be approved by the event chair. All media must request permission to cover the event by emailing nwrsccadrift@gmail.com.
All photographers must bring their own assistant that will serve as their SCCA required safety spotter. The spotter must accompany the photographer at all times while shooting footage in a 'hot' area. Any photographer found in a hot area without a spotter will have their media access suspended for the rest of the event. The photographer must provide copies of the photos or videos taken during the event to the event chair within one week of the event for use on the NWR SCCA drift web site. Credit will be given to the photographer. Posting images online is strongly encouraged and reference to the NWR SCCA Drift program is appreciated.

Watch this video if you don't know how rad Packwood is going to be.

We need help running events and encourage anyone to attend the monthly meetings to provide input and assistance for the program.  Meeting dates and location info can be found here.

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