2010 NWR SCCA Drift Officials:

Drift Committee Chair: Russell O'Connell

Safety Stewards: Mattia Boscolo and Ed Abiva

Chief of Grid and Chief of Workers: Sean Medcroft

Chief of Tech: Tyler Archuleta

Chief of Registration: Julia O'Connell

We still need officials for the following positions:
(The following positions are critical and must be filled for the season to function smoothly)

(The following are less critically needed but would greatly enhance the quality of events and allow us to start having competitions)

Job Descriptions -

Drift Committee Chair:

Head of the drifting program who ensures that the program is running properly and works directly with the the Assistant Regional Executive of SOLO to maintain and grow the program.

Safety Stewards:

Safety Steward is a work position mandated by the SCCA rules who's job is to ensure that all site and operational safety rules are followed. Every event requires a licensed Solo Safety Steward to inspect and improve the site and course setup. The Safety Stewards also monitor the event and will point out and require any safety issues to be addressed and corrected in order to prevent incidents from occurring. Solo safety stewards must have 2 years of SOLO experience and pass the licensing prerequesits before being licensed to perform this job.

Chief of Grid:

Leads the team that manages the workers running the start line and the grid area. Ensures that enough trained workers are in place prior to starting each run group. Grid workers ensure that the grid lines are orderly and safe and enforces all grid rules. A grid worker also manages the assignment of loaner helmets, polices ride along rules, and passes any important messages to drivers waiting in line.

Chief of Tech:

Leads the team that performs the technical inspection of all driver's cars and safety equipment to make sure they conform to the requirements in the SCCA Solo and Drift rules.
Chief of Registration:
Ensures that all necessary registration forms are filled out by every driver and that every driver pays all required event and SCCA membership fees. Responsible for completing all required paperwork and submitting it to the correct individuals and supplying all proceeds for the school to the club treasurer. Can be combined with Chief of Workers.
Chief of Workers:
Responsible for assigning every participant with a work position, normally done at the same time as registration. Ensures that all worker positions required to run the event are filled. Responsible for making sure every corner worker position is properly staffed and has the required safety equipment available. Makes sure the starting line is staffed and that all course workers are performing their duties in a safe manner. Makes sure that all drivers assist in post event cleanup prior to leaving the site.
Chief Drifting Coach:
An experienced drifter and good driving coach to ensure that every event has enough driving coaches on hand to provide instruction to drivers and ensure that anyone who is driving out of control gets help and shown how to safely navigate the course.
Chief of Waivers:
Leads the team that staffs the entrance to the venue and ensures that the required liability waiver form is signed by EVERYONE who enters the venue. A waiver's worker must be on duty the entire time the venue gate is open. Waivers workers also control access to the venue when the event is limited to pre-registered participants only.
Chief of Equipment:
Manages the equipment used at the events and ensures that it is transported to the site for each event.
Chief of Course Design:
Ensures that a course that conforms to SCCA Drift and sites rules is designed and setup for each event.
Chief of Judges:
Responsible for developing and maintaining competition rules and processes. Recruits judges and scoring workers for each competition event and arranges for competition trophies. Ensures the accuracy and timely distribution of competition results.
The way the Chief positions work is that you are responsible ensuring that your work specialty is properly staffed by qualified individuals for each event. The idea is that you don't necessarily have to do all the work or even attend each event but you have to recruit enough qualified people for every event to make sure the job is done right.

The most important qualification is motivation and willingness to learn. It is more important that you have the drive to do what it takes to do a good job for the whole season as we can train you on how to do the job.

If you would like to apply for a position please email nwrsccadrift@gmail.com or come to a monthly meeting.

See you at the track!

- Russell
NWR SCCA Drift Committee Chair