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2014 Reserved Car Number Request


Race Groups below are generic and possible group combinations


NWR reserved numbers may be in conflict with US Majors Tour Series reserved numbers. We will do our best to get your requested number but class combinations may also cause conflicts. Please enter early for this event.

If two numbers in the same group are reserved then the first to enter will have the number. US Majors reserved numbers will be opened on May 7th for those that haven't registered.


NOTE: Groups may change according to participation

High numbers may split a group. Small groups may be combined with others (ie under 15 could be combined with others)


Race Group Classes - Regional Events at Ridge
Group 1 AS, EP, GT1, GT2, GT3, GTA, ITE, SPM, SPO, T1, T2, FP  (FP in Group 24 at Pacific)
Group 2 ASR, CF, C-DSR, F5, FA, FB, FC, FE, FF, FM, FS, FST, FV, S2, SS2
Group 3 CP1-3, HP, GTL, ITA, ITB, ITC, ITD, ITS, RS, SPU, STL, T3, T4, ITJ, PCA1, PCA2, PCA-3, PCA4, SP911, PRO944, PRO3, HP, GTL
Group 4 SM 
Group 5 SRF
Group 6/7/8 - Ridge VFSR, VP1, VP2, VP3 (Vintage will run in one group at Pacific)

May 24-26 (MAJORS)


Vintage group on Saturday only. See groups 6/7/8

Club/Track Trials Track Trials, Adv Club Trials



Reserved numbers are for :


& Dual Members of NORTHWEST REGION

Do you want to become a Dual Member? Apply

(If you have just applied to be a dual member of Northwest Region please make a note in the comment box below)

Please email me the following information if the form is not working.

Please submit the form below, to request or confirm your car number

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*Region of Record:        

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You must be a NWR member or Dual member to reserve a number

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(if no you can become on by filling out a dual membership form listed above)


Class   Group   Number

Class   Group    Number

Class   Group    Number

Will you be entering: (this is information is to only help with the availability of numbers for our full time racers)

Pacific Raceways Majors or Vintage? 

 The Ridge?

Qualifications for NWR Road Racing Championship has changed. We are now combining a championship with Oregon Region. This will be the Pacific Northwest Championship. See 2014 Supps


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