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Club Racing Forms


Novice Permit Application

For those who have never raced before, but would like to obtain their novice permit. Be sure to read "Guide to Obtaining a Competition License" for information about the steps involved.

License Application

After novice requirements are completed you must apply for your Competition License; also for those needing a license upgrade or renewal.

Physical Examination Form

Required for ALL applying for any type of Club Racing Competition license, including the Novice Permit. (National Form, you also will need to fill out a regional form before racing at any level)

Race Official License Upgrade Application

SCCA Officials/Workers use this form to obtain or upgrade a license in their particular specialty. Licenses may require a signature from your Region's specialty chief, the Divisional Administrator, and/or the Division's Executive Steward. Specialty areas include Emergency Services, Flagging and Communications, Pit and Paddock, Race Control, Radio Tech, Registrar, Scrutineer, Sound Control, Starter and Timing and Scoring. License levels include Regional, Divisional and National. Please see our Race Officials Licensing Guidelines for further information.

Steward's License Application

SCCA Stewards use this form to obtain or upgrade a Steward's license.


SCCA Membership Application

Mail/Fax to: SCCA Membership Department. If you are a new member (haven't been a member before) you can go to www.scca.com and join online.

SCCA Volunteer Incentive Program


If you would like to receive a credit of $15, $22, $30 or $45 to be applied toward your membership renewal, please record your Club Racing volunteer participation below or by logging in at http://ams.scca.com and going to My Membership section. This program was effective January 1, 2008 and updated February 2010.


Dual Membership

For those who are members of another region and would also like to support NWR

Reserved Number Request



2010 Annual reserved numbers are available (NWR and Dual region members of NWR) through the Registrar and will be guaranteed up to the Friday before the event.  Then they become available to anyone for the event. Unreserved numbers will be assigned in order of receipt of entry.

Minor Waiver Release Form

This form must be printed on white paper and in color.

1). Must be signed by BOTH parents or legal guardians.

2). The parents’/guardians’ signatures must be witnessed by a SCCA Registrar or the waiver form must be notarized.

3). If there is only one parent/guardian (or a parent has sole custody), the appropriate box so attesting must be initialed by the parent/guardian on the MS-2A form



The General Competition Rules online are made available by SCCA Club Racing as a courtesy to our entrants, volunteers, and anyone interested in learning more about the technical regulations governing SCCA Club Racing. . If you would like a printed copy of the printed GCR, contact SCCA Merchandise by calling 800.770.2055.


Time Trials License

Track Trials competition license (and novice)

Time Trials Rules

Time Trials National Rules. Scroll down and select which level you want (all in PDF)

Time Trials Officials Application

To work at Time Trial events start by filling out this official's license application.

Entry Forms & Schedules


NWR is also now using


As sanction numbers are received and schedules finalized they will be available on the Race Schedule page. Drivers letters and other information will also be available at the same location. Time Trials information is also available on there website.

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If you don't already have it, you will need to Get Acrobat Reader to read the entry forms, schedules and such that are available on this site.

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