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Region Awards


The Board of Directors is always looking for nominations for our region awards. Below is a list of awards and past recipients


Please contact a Awards Committee with a nomination. Please include a description of why this person would get this award.





Mary Pang was always in charge of the situation, you never saw her lose her head — ever. She was one of those people you just noticed. And she loved to make people smile.  In the decades before Chinese food was as ordinary as a grocery-store deli, there was Mary Pang, whom most people knew from the name on the red-and-yellow boxes of egg rolls in their freezers. With her husband Harry in the kitchen, she was the public face of a Seattle frozen-food business that grew from virtually nothing to a million-dollar concern. Mrs. Pang, died of a heart attack March 6,2009 at age 87.


The Award:

Martin Pang raced with NWR and was the apple of his mom’s eye. He liked to do things for NWR at the races. The Region’s BOD and Marty got together to create the “Unsung Hero” award so honor could be given to someone for doing something spectacular for the Region, without being otherwise expected to (such as being an officer or chief) that was valuable to the Region. It was intended as a way to reward someone who was not going to receive any of our other awards but was deserving of some recognition.


As in all volunteer organizations, there are many positions and many tasks that are accomplished by many visible people in the Northwest region.  The Unsung Hero Award gives us a chance to recognize someone who accomplishes many tasks without that high visibility.  The winner of this award generally is another one of those obsessive-compulsive types who quietly volunteers, works their butt off, and is mostly seen on the sidelines. This trophy is to be awarded to an individual who works “behind the scenes” to further venue and Region activities.


Past recipients are:

1987  Sue Calvert

1994  Alan Staats 2001  Jerry Moon 2008 Jay Bratton 2015  Tasha Mikko
1988  Karen Markle 1995  Kirk and Terry Simons 2002  Kirk Salvatore 2009 Keith & Kristi Brown 2016  Kurt Rehm
1989  John Forespring 1996  Carol Leuty 2003  Scott Miller 2010  Esther Sicks 2017  -not awarded-
1990  Sharon Reuter 1997  Paul Peck 2004  Sherri Masterson 2011  Mike Miller 2018  Brett Wilson
1991  Mary Nease 1998  Bill Beutow 2005  Kelly McCloskey 2012 Sherri Masterson
1992  Lynne Lund 1999  John Nispel 2006  Kevin Needham 2013 Gretchen Everett
1993  Herman Wacker 2000  Charlie Maloney 2007  Mike  Evans 2014  Joe Goeke




This trophy is given to a Northwest Region Member who exhibits qualities of enthusiasm and willingness to be involved in Region activities.  Sometimes it is difficult to find just one person with such “unbridled enthusiasm in a region like ours that has three very active venues running at a full gallop. 


In November 2010 Frank & Joan moved back to Kansas City to be closer to family. Frank passed away January 23, 2011.


Past recipients have been:

1972 Pete Mills 1984 Linda Grass 1996 Val Korry 2008 Karl Coleman
1973 Tom Masterson 1985 Karen Markle 1997 Kenny Richens 2009 Dave Conover
1974 L.C. “Bud” Bohrer 1986 Jay Kingsley 1998 Steve Introne 2010 Jackie Kmetz
1975 Anne & Wayne Erickson 1987 Steve & Bernice Danton 1999 Charlie Maloney & Janell Mullins 2011 Des Toups
1976 Dee and Ron McDuffie 1988 Mark Gnagy 2000 Kevin Dietz 2012 Harley Johnson
1977 Dottie and Jay Bratton 1989 Paul Martin 2001 Sherri Sicks 2013 Ric Wilson
1978 Vic Munsen 1990 Ken and Sue Lingbloom 2002 Kim Craddock 2014 Charles Aggenbach
1979 Clara and Milt Mukai 1991 Joy Kreick 2003 Tom & Sherri Masterson 2015 Kevin Dietz
1980 Bill McArthur 1992 Dan/Linda/Aimee Miklovic 2004 Ananda Siverts 2016 John Taylor
1981 Mark Barney 1993 Tim Dutton 2005 Julie Anderson 2017 -not awarded-
1982 Sue Calvert 1994 Ted Thiessen 2006  Gretchen Everett 2018 Scotty White
1983 John Nagel 1995 Ben Bradley 2007 Jerry Lamb




Stan Burnett was a machinist who built his own innovative cars. he was a popular competitor at Westwood and Seattle and won the very first Player's Pacific race in 1962 driving the Burnett Mk I. The only remaining Burnett is the Mk2 that was designed and constructed in 1964 by Stan.


This trophy was established by the family of Stan Burnett, who was killed at Seattle International Raceway while testing his race car in 1971.  It is to be awarded to an individual whose lifestyle exhibits the determination, energy, loyalty, sensitivity and love, which Stan showed in his life.


Past recipients have been:

2018 Joe Harlan
1973 Don Jensen 1988  Wayne Erickson 2000  Joy Kreick 2013  Karl and Amy Coleman  
1974  Joe Henderson 1989  Robert and Linda Grass 2001  Mike and Carol Leuty 2014  Laurie and Eric Hyman  
1975  Frank and Joan Manley 1990  Paul Martin 2002  Greg & Jodi Fordahl 2015  Chuck Huffington
1976  Ray Altman 1991  Joe and Candi Stubblefield 2004  Val Korry 2016 Kito Brielmaier
1977  John Martinsen 1992  John Forespring 2005  Dan Carchano 2017 Kenneth Paton  
1980  Tony and Pam Wascher 1993  Warren Secord & Jerre Tibeau 2006  Mark McCloskey 2018 Joe Harlan  
1982 Wayne and Sharon Reuter 1994  Ron and Karen Babb 2007 Jay Shukla    
1983  Hector and Melba McDonald 1995  Tim Dutton 2008 Dick Willy    
1984  Glen and Carol Wilhelm 1996  J Tom Masterson 2009 Sherri Masterson    
1985  Fred and Helen Eagan 1997  Ray and Janice Damitio 2010 David Jackson    
1986  Jay Bratton 1998  Dan and Linda Miklovic 2011 John Taylor    
1987  “Buzz” & Mary Margaret Beley 1999  Peter Brand 2012 Glen Hernandez    





 This trophy was given by the family of Joe Henderson, charter member of the Region and active in SCCA for over 30 years until his death in 1982.  It is to be given to a member of the Region for long and meritorious service to SCCA National, Divisional, and Regional Organizations in a leadership role.

 The recipients have been:

  1983                 John Martinsen

  1988                 Frank Manley

  1991                 Glen Wilhelm

  1998                 John Forespring

  2000                 Peter Brand

  2002                 Karen Babb

  2005                 L.C. "Bud" Bohrer

  2007                 Bob Grass

  2015                 Ron Babb