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Packwood, WA

Saturday & Sunday May 25th - 26th 2013

Join us in beautiful Packwood for two days of drifting fun. This site has a huge open expanse of pavement with nothing to hit but cones.

This event is one of the best in the Northwest for beginner drifters with a safe course, skid pad, experienced instructors and hours of seat time to get you drifting like a champ in no time.

To see how epic Packwood is check out this ride along video ~

Celica Panic! @ Packwood from Dustin St. Hilaire on Vimeo.

Event Quick Info
Event Dates:
  • Saturday May 25th and Sunday May 26th 2013
Location: Packwood, WA - Hampton Mills Site
Venue Address: 12832 US Highway 12 Packwood, WA - Route Options
Time: 9:00am Driver Arrival, Driver's Meeting at 9:40am, Drift Starts 10:00am. Teardown on Sunday 4:00pm to 4:30pm
Event Chair: Derek Mattox
Contact: Email NWRSCCADrift(at) for questions not answered in this event listing.
Driver Reigstration Fee: One Day $65 / Two Day $85 - Non SCCA Member add $15 for weekend membership. (no charge for non-drivers)
Driver Requirements: All drivers and passengers must be 18 years old or older on the day of the event. All drivers must have a valid drivers license.
Packwood Tech Note: All cars must have a working muffler to pass tech.
To keep the community happy and site available obnoxiously loud cars will not be allowed to run.
Registration Link:

  • Register HERE! - Reg opens 05/01/2013 @ 12:00AM
    • Pre-Registration and online Pre-Pay required for this event. There is no on site registration or payment for this event.
Driver List:

Check out the Facebook Event Page for lots of info and to ask questions. Be sure to invite your buddies!

Spectator Info

Media Info


An event has to have rules right? 

Well, here they are:
Prior to registering and attending be sure to read all of the rules so you know what is expected of you and how the event will be run. Regardless of whether you read them they will be enforced so it is best to educate your self to avoid any situation that could potentially end your day early or worse cause us to lose the ability to have future events.

Online Registration

Driver Qualifications:
  • Due to current SCCA insurance limitations you must be 18 years old or older to drive or ride as passenger in this event. Sorry, the insurance makes us do it! 
  • All drivers must have a valid drivers license. 
Registration Process -
    1. All drivers must pre-register and pay online. There will be no day of on site registration for this event.
      1. Only drivers need to register and pay. There is no fee or pre-register required for non-driving attendees.
    2. Registration Close -05/24/2013 at 8:00 AM SHARP!
    3. Make sure you read the Mandatory Reading for Drivers! - Critical Driver Info
    4. Register Here
Refund Policy
    • Motorsport Reg does not provide any refunds. Please do not contact them regarding refunds.  
    • NWR Drift Refund Policy - Pre-Paid entries may be converted to a credit for a future event in the same calendar season or refunded. Entries may be canceled up to three days prior to the event date. Cancellation notice must be emailed to and include all registration information and specify if you want to convert to a future event credit or a refund. Include your mailing address if you are requesting a refund. All refunds will be charged a cancellation handling fee of $15 which will be subtracted from your pre-paid entry and the remaining balanced sent via a mailed check within 30 days after the event date. Entries fees will not be refunded after the event cancellation cutoff date and this includes no shows for any reason.

Packwood Information

For full details and helpful hints on routes, accommodations, and services download the Packwood Guide PDF.

The site itself has covered and paved area for camping. There is no electricity on site and it gets dark at night so plan accordingly. There are port-a-potties, trash dumpsters, and potable water from a garden hose as amenities.

For a less rustic experience there are hotels, restaurants, and full service campgrounds in town within a mile from the site.  

The nearest reliable auto parts store and tire store is 30 miles away in Morton. Make sure to bring any spare parts you need. We recommend you bring as many mounted spare tires as you'll need.


The SCCA insurance rules require everyone who enters the site to sign a waiver. Everyone is legally considered a 'participant' in the event. If you want to come watch there is no charge but you must sign the waiver. Non driving participants may watch from the grandstands but may not enter the grid, course, or other areas consider 'hot' at any time unless they are working in an assigned work position. Anyone behaving in an unsafe manner will be directed to leave the premises immediately. The grid and course areas are OFF LIMITS to children and pets during competition. All pets MUST be leashed or otherwise restrained. No drugs or alcohol. Respect the site by throwing away your trash and behaving in a manner that best reflects the drift community.
Minors - ALL MINORS (under 18 years old) must have a minor waiver filled out with a parental signature or they cannot be allowed in the site. To get detailed information on the insurance waivers and to print out the minor waiver form, click here.

Anyone who wants to photograph or video tape the event and have access to the course must be approved by the event chair.All photographers must have their own assistant that will serve as their SCCA required safety spotter. The spotter must accompany the photographer at all times while shooting footage in a 'hot' area. Any photographer found in a hot area without a spotter will have their media access suspended for the rest of the event. The photographer must provide copies of the photos or videos taken during the event to the event chair within one week of the event for use on the NWR SCCA drift web site. Credit will be given to the photographer. Posting images online is strongly encouraged and reference to the NWR SCCA Drift program is appreciated.


Here are a few things you need to know about SCCA Drift events before you come.

Everyone works
The SCCA is a non-profit volunteer organization. This means we rely on volunteers to plan and staff the events and allows us to have events by drivers for drivers and keeps event fees low. That is why the rule is that every driver must complete their assigned work assignment. If you do not complete your assignment you will not be allowed back to future events. Don’t worry, helping out is fun and we do our best to put you into your preferred work position.

Drive nicely on the way to and from the event.
When driving to and from the event it is absolutely imperative that you obey all speed limits and traffic laws within 20 miles of the site. Any excessive speeding or aggressive driving could result in the loss of use of the site so drive slowly! We must positively represent the sport to everyone in order to ensure a successful future.