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Welcome to NWR SCCA Time Trials

The Time Trials program is a group of four options in SCCA Club Racing. The concept came from High Performance Car Control Clinics, Solo Trials, Solo 1 and Hillclimb events. The NWR-SCCA would like the Time Trials program to become a natural progression to Club Racing for its members.

There is one National set of Time Trials Rules (TTR) available only online at the SCCA National website ( There are no current plans at this point to publish the TTR in print as is the case with the SCCA General Competition Rules and the Solo Rules books.

          The Time Trials program organizational structure is composed of four (4) individual event levels as listed below. Each level allows the participant to build on their driving skills and track knowledge. This allows for a natural progression into Club Racing.

Time Trials Event Levels

Performance Driving Experience (PDX) - Level 1: These are open, non-competition events. They are designed to teach performance driving techniques and car handling. They are open to all, meaning that SCCA membership is not required.

Club Trials - Level 2: These are designed as entry level competition events where the skills learned from the PDX are put to the test. Safety requirements and classes are similar to those used in SCCA Solo competition. SCCA membership is required to participate. Temporary memberships are available for non-members

Track Trials - Level 3: These are the events that have replaced what used to be Solo 1. Safety requirements are similar to Club Racing as speeds are typically higher than in Club Trials. SCCA membership and a Time Trials competition license (or higher) is required. There is a novice program for those interested.

Hillclimbs - Level 4: This type of event is exactly what the name implies. The fastest time up the road course on the hill wins. These are optional events and you donít necessarily have to be participating in them in order to move on to Club Racing. Currently, we do not have any Hillclimb events scheduled. If there is enough interest in doing one of these events, this will surely change.

     Those of you that have been with the NWR-SCCA for a while will recognize that all of these types of events have been in existence in the past. Now they are all brought together under one program to serve a common goal. Simply put, there is something there for everyone. It also gives you a way to move into Club Racing at a pace that is tailored to meet your individual needs or to provide a racing venue for those of you whom the Club Racing program is not affordable or desirable.


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