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The Time Trials Program

of the SCCA

Program Purpose, Structure and Relationships to Club Racing and Solo

Program Purpose

To provide a venue for SCCA members and other sports car enthusiasts who wish to experience higher speeds than the Solo program allows and/or for whom the Club Racing program is not currently available, affordable or desirable.

To provide a safe, tiered, well structured program and learning environment for SCCA members who wish to make the transition from Solo to Club Racing competition.

Program Purpose (cont’d)

Service, Quality, Value, Member Satisfaction

Provide instruction of safe car handling and performance driving techniques for novices.

Novice instruction is used at all levels of events.

Provide entry level and higher skill level competition events for all participants.

Allows for advancement to Club Racing at a pace that meets the individual's needs and finances.

Program Structure

There are four (4) unique levels of Time Trials events available for different driver skill levels.

Each event level allows the participant to build on their driving skills and track knowledge. This allows for a natural progression into Club Racing.

Level 1 - PDX

Level 2 - Club Trials

Level 3 - Track Trials

Level 4 - Hillclimbs

Club Racing???

Level 1 Trials
Performance Driving Experience (PDX)

PDX events are non-competitive. Similar to track or lapping days, these serve as driving schools for TT.

These events concentrate entirely on the teaching of safe car handling and performance driving techniques.

Courses used are chosen as to maximize exposure to a variety of car handling situations, while minimizing exposure to hazards.

SCCA memberships and competition licenses are not required. These events offer the opportunity to improve driving skills while giving the curious rookie a taste of competitive motorsports action.

Level 2 Trials
Club Trials

Club Trials events provide a constructive learning environment that stresses proper driving techniques, while at the same time offering a timed, competitive event.

Club Trials can be used as entry level competition events. Typically, Solo 2 classes are utilized, with other classes available. Safety requirements are defined in 17.23 of the SCCA Time Trials Rules (TTR).

Entrants must be current SCCA members (temporary memberships OK) and present a TT Participation Log card to participate in events.

Level 3 Trials
Track Trials

Track Trials events are based on competition on small to medium sized flat-tracks and fixed road courses.

More safety equipment is required for participants, such as roll bars, harnesses, drivers suits, etc. Requirements are defined in 17.23 of the Time Trials Rules (TTR) and the General Competition Rules (GCR).

Novice instruction is used, but the emphasis is primarily on competition.

SCCA memberships and Time Trials competition licenses or Novice Permits are required.

Level 4 Trials

Level 4 events are based on competition on courses that are not suitable for Level 3 events. These may include Hillclimbs, or other events on approved courses.

Safety items are generally similar to Club Racing events (i.e.- full roll cage), as similar speeds, risks and hazards can be encountered.

Novice instruction is used if novices are permitted to enter, but some events may restrict entry to TT Competition licenses or higher.

Program Relationships

Previously, Time Trials events were only available in conjunction with Club Racing events.

Time Trails now provides the Solo driver the opportunity to compete at a higher level of competition without having to make the financial commitment required for Club Racing.


The Time Trials Program is a new group of options in SCCA Club Racing. The concept came from High Performance Car Control Clinics, Solo 1 and Solo Trials.

The Time Trials Program provides something for everyone regardless of their performance driving or competition experience.

There will be one rulebook available, only online. The SCCA Time Trials Rules  will be based on the current year SCCA General Competition Rules




Dave Conover

NWR Time Trials Chief Driving Instructor


Dave Deborde

NorPac Time Trials Divisional Program Manager

(775) 450.1394

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